Tuesday, September 24th:
As many of you know by now, music is an integral part of our lives, it IS how we met after all.

Tuesday was all about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.

photo copy

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIMG_6395IMG_6422We were blown away at how big the museum was and how much memorabilia and artifacts were on display. What makes the museum different and unique – and so much fun – is the interactiveness. Throughout there are areas to listen to different music, watch different montages and clips, tune in to different radio states from around the country and also to listen to broadcasts from as far back as the early 1900s.

The Rolling Stones are this years inductees and the top two floors of the museum are dedicated to their music and crazy antics over the years. I couldn’t believe how little they are – some of their “costumes” on display – they aren’t that tall after all!
IMG_6421       IMG_6408
Speaking of, it took everything I had not to steal one of these dresses from The Supremes. How amazing are these?  IMG_6413
One of the highlights for us was seeing and going on Johnny Cash’s tour bus from 1979. Seeing the bus, being on that bus brought Michelle and I back to our roots, for it was on a tour bus similar to the one we met (albeit, ours was much bigger, cleaner and not as much crushed velvet).
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAphoto 4 copy 4photo 3 copy 3Here are just SOME of the additional highlights from our day at the Hall of Fame. Can you imagine paying, at most $5.50 for a concert today? Boy, how times have changed.
photo 2 copy 4
IMG_6401    photo 3 copy 2 IMG_9557    photo 2 copy
Two of our favorite quotes:
“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” – Bob Marley
photo 1 copy 2
“If you are not doing what you love, you are wasting your time.” – Billy Joel photo 4 copy 3
After taking a short walk around downtown and over the Browns Stadium, we were on our way to our next state – MICHIGAN!

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