Hoosiers and Hot Days

September 25th: The drive from Ann Arbor into Indianapolis was simply stunning. Driving through the cornfields with the sun setting in the distance, made us question if we could live out here and get used to that view every day.

IMG_6494 IMG_6493
We also hit a our first 1,000 miles driving into Indiana!
We stayed with Cate’s childhood friend Jason Shaw and his girlfriend Julia. Neither of us had ever been to Indy and weren’t really sure what to expect.
Jason and Julia live in the “burbs” (as Cate likes to call it) in an area called Broad Ripple. Broad Ripple is right on a river, cute little houses and quiet town. Also home to Butler University.
Cate and Jason grew up together in Potomac, MD and were pool rats for most of their childhood. In 8th grade, Jason and his family moved back to Indianapolis. While they didn’t see each other again until 2011, they had kept in touch over the years and tabs on each others lives. In 2011 when Jason was in NYC, they met up for a drink. It was as if no time had past, they were cracking the same jokes they had as kids and telling stories of everyone they grew up with.
It still feels like no time has passed between them.
Julia, Jason and Julia’s sister Sarah took us to Fire by the Monon for dinner. THIS IS A MUST IF YOU ARE IN BROAD RIPPLE. The food is outstandingly delicious and fresh, the beers are all local brews, the staff friendly and fun.
Thank you Tim for being so awesome to us, we loved meeting you and hope to see you again soon. Also, order the fish tacos!
Image 9

For those of you that grew up in MD, you know Rock Bottom and Gordon Biersch. Turns out, the new owner of the restaurant (as of 4 months ago) used to own and manage all the RB’s and GB’s in the DC metro area. We had a lovely chat with Joe and reminiscing over beer and Maryland/DC. Joe was also kind enough to send us off with maps and ideas for the trip.

Image 8
Thank you for an amazing dinner!
Back at the house, with a bottle of wine, Cate and Jason sat around laughing to tears at old childhood photos and letters from back in the day they had found. Little to our surprise, Jason is a jack of all trades. He bought himself a piano in college which he forced himself to learn. We sat around singing everything from David Grey, to Tiny Dancer, to Bruno Mars, to James Taylor, to The Way It Is. A night we won’t forget.
Julia is a personal trainer and lucky for us (and most of Broad Ripple) she has built an amazing workout studio in their garage. Michelle and I went to work Thursday morning – jump rope, hammering tires, lunging and lifting.
Thursday afternoon we spent in downtown Indy, walking around with Jason as our tour guide. We were amazed at how quiet and clean the city is. Much different than NYC. It reminded us a bit of Washington, DC the way it was laid out, but much less traffic and people. The football, baseball stadiums and the basketball arena are all within a few blocks of each other, you can only imagine how busy it can get down there when it is game time. The city was built up tremendously with hotels upon hotels for last years super bowl. Even such, everything felt very organized and orderly. We spent some time walking on the river front which consists of some spectacular art and murals. And, Michelle’s favorite – statues of elephants (she is still in denial they are actually wooly mammoths!).
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCOcam with m3 presetIMG_9890      Image   Image 6      Image 5
Julia joined us for dinner Thursday night down in Broad Ripple. Sushi Sushi Sushi! YUMMY! When we walked out from the restaurant, smack in front of us was an old Oldsmobile that had it’s top sawed off and flying from the back were two American flags. We were in awe of the car and determined to find it’s owners. Unfortunately, no where to be found, we left them our business card hoping to hear from them.
And, indeed we did! Kyle, your car is amazing!
IMG_9914     IMG_9912
Also, just a note the weather here has been unseasonably warm. Mid 80s during the day and low 70s at night. While there are sprouts of fall on the trees and here and there, it feels a bit more like summer – and we aren’t complaining. Love being back in our sundresses and flip flops!
How cute is Broad Ripple?

2 thoughts on “Hoosiers and Hot Days

  1. Hey, you were in my home town. I hung around Rocky River water skiing on Lake Erie with my friends. Beautiful area and nice people. Cedar Point is another one of my old haunts. Good to hear you are both enjoying yourselves. I am living vicariously thru you!
    All the best,

    i also went to college in Indiana for 2 years in a small town called Greencastle.

    Take care and stay in touch

  2. Is he the kid whose head we cut out of the pictures when he broke your heart!?!

    Jane Salloway
    O – 617.662.2681
    BB – 617.314.3402

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