Farmer City, Illinois

As we mentioned in the last blog, we decided to hop off 74 and check out the town Farmer City.
As we rolled into town, Michelle was immediately reminded of just how similar Farmer City was to her hometown in Jackson, NC. Only difference was this town’s population was slighty higher than Jackson’s.
2,101 vs. 500
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The “main street” was a mixture of old deserted buildings and small businesses selling beautiful antiques. Although it was Saturday, middle of the day – only one of about 10 of the businesses were open. The stores windows indicated that they should be open. The sidewalks were quiet and desolate – except for a few passing cars with strangers waving ever so friendly, we were the only ones walking around. There was definitely a spirit and feeling of camaraderie about this town – one that you couldn’t put your finger on but you knew it was there.
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It wasn’t until we were making our way back to the car, that we heard a man’s voice asking how we were doing.  A very sweet man crossed the street and introduced himself to us as Joe from Georgia. Joe recently moved to Farmer City. Michelle’s first thought and later question to Joe was, “How in the world did you end up here?”
He would go on to tell us that his friend had brought him to this town and he instantly fell in love with it! Joe described Farmer City as a very safe town – everyone watches out for each other and people either “do football or beer around here.” If they aren’t doing one, they are doing the other. Or sometimes, on the weekends – both.
Joe explained that while the cost of living around here was incredibly low, the moral and the quality of life for him was just what he needed at this point in his life.
We were sad to leave the town, there was apparently a big comedy show at the local bar that night. How fun would that have been to watch and talk to several other of the 2,100 other Farmer City locals. We suspect, the 01 of the 2,101 is a new resident and probably not out at the bars, at least for the next 21 years.

4 thoughts on “Farmer City, Illinois

  1. Hey you guys are cool the way you been bumping in to people That’s real nice well enjoy love Sam

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  2. What a great article to see upon getting home from work today. I grew up in Farmer City, living there from 1973 to 1993. This town has inspired a lot of people, myself included; I just started writing a fictional novella set in Farmer City and the surrounding area. If you would like to learn anything about how special the place was when all of us Gen-X kids ran the place, just let me know. My site is on wordpress as well and you just gained one more follower.


  3. I grew up in Farmer City and it was a GREAT Place to live. My parents moved from California when my brother and I were in 3rd grade. Our grandparents all lived in FC. So many wonderful memories growing up in a small town. I’ve lived in Indianapolis and Dallas but currently in a small town in Indiana (larger than FC). Nothing like small town living. Thanks for stopping in FC.

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