Friday Night Lights!

“Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose”
-Friday Night Lights 
Friday Night Lights was one of the first things that we put on our “MUST DO” list for this trip. Loving Indy and having a fantastic time with Jason and Julia, we decided that we would stay one more night and hit up our first high school football game.
Ben Davis vs. Lawrence Central
The game was at Ben Davis and Lawrence Central is Jason’s alma mater. Little did we know when we arrived that it was homecoming weekend. While we were there to cheer for LC, we quickly decided that we might want to be cheering for Ben Davis. Although Lawrence Central were last years’ state champs, the Ben Davis boys decided they weren’t going to let them near their homecoming weekend win. They got creamed. We left at the beginning of the 3rd and Ben Davis was up 47 to zilch. Yipes.
It was really fun to see families, friends and classmates gather together to cheer on their respective teams. Hot Dogs in hands, cheering along with the cheerleaders and watching the boys set up plays, we were having the time of our life. We want to do this every Friday night!
As we were leaving we started talking to the Assistant Principle, Mr. Mike Lile. We spent about 30 minutes talking to him about our trip, about his job and the Ben Davis. Mike went to Ben Davis and returned to fulfill his life long dream to be the head of the art department at the school. After years of teaching and some reflection, he decided to move over to the administrative side of the school. It was inspiring and encouraging to see someone so dedicated and passionate, not just about his job, but the future of these students. Congratulations Mr. Lile, Ben Davis is lucky to have you on their side.
We are hoping to get to more football games throughout the trip. Know a team or town we shouldn’t miss – send us your suggestions.
Also, how amazing is Ben Davis’ marching band and dancers?!?!

One thought on “Friday Night Lights!

  1. Cate keep it up you really know how to enjoy life I am glad that you are so happy you and the little one miss you guys see you soon god bless and be safe

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