It’s a propeller, it’s a windmill, no it’s a Wind Turbine

We were driving along Route 80 in the Allegheny mountains when I (Michelle) first spotted these beautiful white propeller looking things spinning around off in the distance. Unsure what they were, I quickly pulled out my iPhone to google “propeller looking windmills, Allegheny mountains.”

What were they?
Wind Turbines

I was instantly mesmerized and drawn to them as we kept driving. Growing up in North Carolina, I was familiar with windmills but this was my first time seeing these beauties. Little did I know, we would pass hundreds of wind turbines throughout Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. There were a few times when one or two would be in the distance, but I have noticed that typically there are at least 10 to 20 gathered in one area.

There is something in the simplicity of them that makes me feel calm and serene.

When speaking with the locals of each state, I quickly learned that they do not share the same sentiment. They find that they are an “eye sore” and “make an annoying humming noise.”

For all you scientists out there, or those interested in knowing the “purpose” of them, they convert kinetic energy from the wind into mechanical energy – a process known as wind power. Which then, in turn produces electricity. Thanks Wikipedia!

Call me a tourist, but I find myself pulling over to photograph them every chance I get! Here are some of my favorite shots so far.



One thought on “It’s a propeller, it’s a windmill, no it’s a Wind Turbine

  1. Hey Michelle,
    Jim and I were fascinated with the turbines as well. We also loved all of the huge round grain and corn bins near the farms. Frommer, our favorite travel guide writer, calls them “Prairie Cathedrals”, which we thought was so poetic. Some are plain, some have designs on them. My favorite was one with a checkerboard pattern around the top. And, we saw one with a ginormous fiddle painted on the side advertising a local theatre where country music is performed.

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