The beginning of our Chicago visit…

Our drive from Peoria to Chicago was pretty uneventful. Well, except for that moment on 80 the mack truck didn’t see us and almost ran us off the road. Minor details. Don’t worry Stella and the girls are fine. No need to worry mom and dad.

We spent Sunday and Monday with our friends Don and Katie in Chicago. They live in the cute little neighborhood bordering Andersonville. Andersonville is the old Swedish area and as you are walking through the streets you can still see so much of the Swedish history and feel the vibe.

Thank you for taking us out to dinner and showing us around this cute little area. We had a lovely dinner at a tasty greek

That was before Don decided he wouldn’t let us leave without getting a “true” taste of a Chicago institution.

photo copyIMG_0109

Never heard of it, don’t worry. Neither had we!

Malort is a shot that is made and produced in Chicago and for lack of a better description tastes something between hair spray and bug spray. It isn’t horrible by any means, but it sure will put hair on your chest.

Don took us to one of his favorite neighborhood spots – Hopleaf for a local brew. The brewery is really cool and definitely worth a visit if you are in the area – or even if you aren’t, pop over for one of their beers. The beer menu alone was about 10 pages long!

photo 1 photo 2

Also, can we talk about how cute Don’s dog, Julio, is? Took everything we had not to take him with us!

photo copy 2

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