photo copyWhat does W.M.B.D. stand for?

Worlds most beautiful drive.

Sunday September, 29th: As you read in our Peoria blog (you read it, right? you didn’t, well scroll down already…), we had met Jack at the Tavern on Prospect Saturday night. He told us that we could not leave Peoria without cruising down the worlds most beautiful drive.

After our incredible visit in Delavan, we took the back roads (thanks Kevin, for the suggestion!) back to Peoria straight to Grandview Drive.

photo copy 2

In 1910, President Theodore Roosevelt came to Peoria and after driving down Grandview Drive, he declared the two and a half mile stretch THE worlds most beautiful drive.

The twisty windy road overlooks the Illinois river with several look out points of panoramic beauty. Across the street you will find some of the most prestigious and historic – and gorgeous – homes in the area. Here is one of our favorites.


As we drove down Grand View, we felt it was only appropriate to listen to WMBD 100.3. The oldest radio station in the area, WMBD was named after the Presidents description (Worlds Most Beautiful Drive)!


IMG_6671IMG_6664 IMG_6663

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