I’m sorry officer….

Tuesday, October 1st:
We spent Tuesday wandering all around Wrigleyville and Lake View. Such cute areas and  happy to see so many people already decorated for fall and Halloween (big points in our books!)

Typical tourists, we stopped in front of Wrigley Field to take some photos.


Camera’s up, zooming in, snapping away, we see Chicago PD start slowly pulling up in front of us; window being rolled down. Oh heavens to Bets, did they find us already?!?!


Officer Brendan Hagarty was curious to know where we were from and what brought us to town, but also was eager and excited to tell us all about Chicago and give us some insiders tips of things to see, eat and do.

After some fun photos with Officer Hagarty, he offered to give us a ride to one of his favorite lunch spots, Salt & Pepper.

IMG_6697       IMG_0235

It’s not every day you get to drive around in the back of a cop car through Chicago. With the lights on.

IMG_0230IMG_0237       IMG_0231

Thanks for being our tour guide and for the fun laughs Officer Hagarty!

Lunch was super delicious, our first “diner” experience followed by walking and walking and walking – hey, it counts as our exercise for the day and there was just so much to see!

IMG_6733   IMG_6719 IMG_6707    IMG_6734 IMG_6696

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