Fun Time In Chicago

Tuesday, October 1st and Wednesday October 2nd:

We spent Tuesday and Wednesday with Cate’s friend Deborah and her husband Richie in Lake View. The more time we spent in Chicago the more we loved it. If we were to ever move here we could totally see ourselves living in Lake View, it’s close enough to the city, but far enough to have some quiet and peace on your tree lined streets.
Cate and Deborah met in NYC the summer of 2002 while interning in the city and living in the NYU dorms. While they hadn’t seen each other in about 6 years, it was as if no time had passed and we spent our nights reliving the three summers galavanting through the city living the dream – or so we thought at the time!
Jessica 005
Thank you so much Richie and Deborah for having us, your apartment is gorge and we can’t wait to come back!
Wednesday was spent walking around downtown Chicago for hours and hours. We find ourselves comparing places to what it was like living in NYC.

This city is so different from NYC because….
This food is different from NYC because…
These people are different from NYC because…

We need to stop comparing everything to NYC. Because, well, let’s face it, there is no other place just like the Big Apple. That is what makes it what it is.
Yet, in Chicago, we were still saying it. We were both very pleasantly surprised with how much we liked downtown Chicago. Clean, not too busy, gorgeous architecture and very friendly people.
IMG_6793IMG_6798       IMG_6782IMG_6777
As we were walking around we saw a long line of people waiting for what looked like food. Immediately we thought, as it was around lunch time, they were waiting for street meat. A common occurrence in NYC. As we got closer, we realized, that indeed they were waiting in line for food – but for the restaurant Local Root’s 1st Anniversary celebration. The restaurant was giving away free cheeseburgers, ribs and hot diggity dogs. Free food, sign us up!
The burger was one of the best we have ever had, grass fed and juicy. The ribs, delectable. As you can see from the photos below, Cate enjoyed them thoroughly, as did her face! If you are in town, head over to Local Root for some tasty grub.IMG_0276            photo 1IMG_9848
As we were eating, we met George Banks who is a music teacher and local street musician in Chicago. We had a lovely conversaration about music, Chicago and traveling. George invited Cate to join him in sing one of her favorite songs, “Sweet Caroline,” to the crowd waiting in line for their free food.

5 thoughts on “Fun Time In Chicago

  1. Thanks for the post ladies! It just so happens that Lake View was the first neighborhood I lived in and could totally live there again. Just like the two of you You’re AWESOME!!! Looking forward to when you return to Chicago.

  2. I was going to say Cate you look like your mom in the B&W (t a quick glance!) And of course just like Jimmy with the rib face!

    Also note you have a doggy bag in almost every pick! Way to go girls! Looks like fun!


  3. Hi Cate & Michelle, We hope the rest of your trip brings you more serendipitous timing. Glad you found Local Root for our anniversary party. Free goodies. Yumm! Plus you’ve enjoyed Chicago during some real awesome weather. We’re glad you enjoyed your meal and the local color as well. Everyday’s a circus. Have safe travels. Go Bears.

  4. Did we really all meet over 11 years ago!?! Dying from that picture and the two of you in your ‘I love jessica’ tank tops. I remember it as if it was yesterday — along with all the other memories from that summer! Glad we’re all still connected in some way after all this time (even if it’s only through social media and this blog). Safe travels Cate!

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