We’re on a Boat (in Chicago)!

Wednesday, October 2nd:
One of the highlights of walking around downtown Chicago was seeing the infamous Cloud Gate aka The Bean. Our first impression: it’s huge! Our second, it’s as cool as we imagined it would be. IMG_6819


IMG_6798      IMG_0302IMG_6805Imagephoto copyIMG_6803IMG_6839

We decided to be uber tourists and sign up for a boat tour of Chicago. When in Rome, err, Chicago, right?
IMG_6846After a long day of walking around the city, we were excited to be on a boat for 90 minutes enjoying the gorgeousness of this city. We opted for the river and lake tour and we recommend it highly if you are in the Chicago area (it’s the same time as just the architecture tour, but so much more to see!). The company we used was Wendella Boat Tours. Our boat set sail at 5:45 and after a river tour of the famous buildings downtown and information on their architectural significance, we were out in Lake Michigan for the stunning sunset. All the buildings were illuminated in pink for breast cancer awareness and it was as if the skies wanted to follow along. The most gorgeous bubble gum and hot pink fall sky evening. Here are some of our favorite photos:
IMG_6936IMG_6925IMG_6859       IMG_6857
IMG_6844IMG_6849       IMG_6875
           photo 2               photo 1
photo 4
Image       IMG_6946IMG_6947

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