Camping…yes, Camping!

Saturday 10/5:
As we were sitting around with Andrew on Friday night, he was suggesting a bunch of places to stop into and visit up in Northern Michigan. And then he threw it out there….

You have to go camping in Leelanau.

Camping? Like tent, sleeping bags, s’mores and sing-a-longs?
Heck ya, sign us up!

Andrew is a pro camper and was pumped to take these two amateurs up north for a night in the park with a tent and a cozy fire. On our way up north we popped into a favorite spot of Andrew (and his sister Grace’s, and apparently Emily’s too!) – Robinette’s. A gorgeous orchard and winery with games and mazes for kids, farmers stands and a line out the door for their famous donuts. After walking around a bit we had our dozen(s) of donuts, apples and were back on the road.

IMG_7163It took about three hours to get up north. The drive was filled with beautiful fall foliage and the sun peeping through the trees. And, of course a grocery run for the necessities – beer, marshmallows, hot dogs, graham crackers and chocolate. And candy corn.

Couldn’t get enough of these leaves:

More on Leland Michigan in the next blog, but, part of what led me to Grace which then in turn lead us to Andrew was her photos of Leland. I was blown away at the simplicity of this Northern old fishing village and Grace’s photos that captured the village so perfectly. I was intrigued.

On our way camping, Andrew brought us into Leland for lunch at The Cove. Michelle and I would come back the following today to really explore the town and walk around. The three of us had a tasty meal of crab and seafood chowder, fish and chips.

Leelanau State Park, here we come! Overpacked (obviously). Cate needed lots of extra layers – you never know how cold it could get and Michelle brought her foam roller. Yes, camping.

The park was absolutely gorgeous, we picked a spot right with a view of Lake Michigan.

IMG_0621 IMG_0610

All was going great until a storm of the century decided to join us. We got the tent set up (thanks, Andrew!) and dinner almost cooked when the rains came in.


IMG_0635photo copy

Being amateurs and all, Michelle and I immediately bolted for the car. (p.s. this might be our favorite video so far!)

Unfortunately the rains decided to stay, so we hung out in the car for about two hours. We had some really good laughs over it all and eventually were able to retreat to our tent to get some sleep. Although it was a bit wet, it was so peaceful and calming to fall asleep with the rain drops on the tent as we dozed off.

Remind us, next time we go camping to check the weather first! Thank you so much Andrew for a fun time! photo

One thought on “Camping…yes, Camping!

  1. Very cool! reminds me of why I gave up camping! But looks like fun! xoxox

    Jane Salloway
    O – 617.662.2681
    BB – 617.314.3402

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