Leland, Michigan

Sunday, 10/5:


We could not wait to see and discover Leland, population 2000. This magical little town was once a fishing settlement back in the day and the fishing roots are still very much present. Rustic shanties and docks make up a good portion of the waterfront and are beyond picturesque. You could spend all day photographing the waterfront (we almost did).


photo copy


IMG_7199We had never heard of Leland, and after talking to several Michigan-ers throughout our trip, neither had they. It was through Grace’s photos on Instagram that sparked Cate’s interest in seeing what this little town was all about.

Sunday was quiet and serene, but you can just imagine the crowds and fishing boats rolling in during the summer months. Despite the rain and “off season time” the town was very much still buzzing. People photographing the boats and the docks, folks popping in and out of the many unique shops and brunch at The Cove.

IMG_7177 IMG_7218 IMG_7217photo 2 photo 1IMG_7184 IMG_7186

IMG_7181 IMG_7179

IMG_7236 We so wish we could have spent more time in this charming little town and look forward to coming back in the summer months.

IMG_7241       IMG_7240     IMG_7213                  IMG_7209



Cate’s grandparents lived in Matunuck, Rhode Island for many many years. Cate would spend many a summers (and winters) in the cute RI beach town. Leland reminded Cate very much of Rhode Island and Narragansett Bay and the times she would go down to Ships Dock and pick out the catch of the day from the fish market with her grandfather.

If you find yourself in Northern Michigan, Leland is a MUST.

photo IMG_7272

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