One, Two, Three Strikes You’re Out at the Old Ball Game!

In three weeks time we had tried to break sneak into the Cleveland Browns Stadium, break sneak into Wrigley Field, little did we know it would be so easy when we got to Milwaukee!

Lucky for us, Johnny and Zack work for the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team. Johnny is on the media relations side and Zack is in scouting.

They had invited us to the ballpark to show us around and how things are run around here.   Because it is off season, the field was in the middle of a refurbish (getting new grass, something that happens only every 5-6 years!).


As you can see we got some great tickets on StubHub:IMG_0056We were lucky enough to get a behind the scenes tour of the entire complex including the media rooms, the offices, the batting cages, and down under (where the players enter and exit). In addition to the tour, they filled us in on all the working parts to make a game happen and even shared some fun stories you wouldn’t otherwise here.


IMG_7385       IMG_0876IMG_0868      IMG_0062 photo 2IMG_0879

What a cool experience this was and something we will remember. Thank you so much Johnny and Zack. We look forward to seeing you at a game real soon. Hopefully the next time we pay for these tickets, the players will actually be on the field!

photo 1

Also, head over to Johnny’s site to be in the complete know of all things Brewers!


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