Oh! Omaha!

After Johnny’s Cafe on Wednesday night we headed back to the cupcake shop to say hello and see if they needed any help. With the weekend approaching, the farmers market and beautiful weather in store, it was all hands on deck to make sure they were ready for the masses.

Chris, the owner of Cupcake Ohama (and our new BFF), has been here for over 20 years and knows the crowds. Beyond his amazing delicious baking and decorating, knowing his clientele and predicting the crowds is really what is going to make this business so successful and thrive. Not to mention his passion for what he does and his genius sense of humor!


We were honored to spend a little time “in the kitchen” with Chris and his team watching them work their magic: mixing, icing, decorating. It really takes a village people!

IMG_0127          IMG_0125photo copy 3

Chris had suggested we pop over to The Tavern for a drink and to meet his friend’s Dave and David, the new owners of Tavern. Always up for a joke (which we quickly learned), Chris sent us to the bar with some crazy story we were supposed to ask Dave in the hopes he would play along. Which, he did for about 5 minutes, until we caved and told him it was all set up by Chris.

The Tavern has been a Omaha Old Market staple for years and years but recently underwent a huge renovation thanks to it’s new owners Dave and David. The bar is gorgeous, old dark woods, yet modern and eclectic. We had such a blast talking to D & D and hearing a bit more about Omaha. Already pretty convinced we were staying another night, they pretty much sold us when they told us there was going to be live music on Thursday night. A great bar, awesome new friends and live music – how could you say no to that?

We are really loving Omaha. This is also a good place for us to catch up a bit, breathe, do some writing and enjoy the gorgeous 80 degree weather. We spent most of Thursday outside, soaking up the rays of this unusually hot day, sitting in Chris’s garden patio writing and then exploring a bit.

Thursday night we were back at The Tavern for live music and to hang out with Dave and David. The music was amazing, a local singer pretty much nailed everything from the Rolling Stones to Adele to Jason Mraz to Dave Matthews to Hall & Oates. His voice was amazing and he put on quite the performance.

We spent most of the night singing and chatting with Dave and David. Their story left us speechless and reaffirmed our feelings of love and the belief that you have to follow your hearts. Simply, they met, fell in love but oceans separated them (Dave was living in London and David in Omaha) and, then jobs got in the way. They knew how true and deep their love was for each other, but also knew that the lives they were leading were not the ones they wanted. Rigorous work schedules and hours, making enough just to spend it on the necessities, feeling like they, together, needed something different. A different lifestyle, a different quality of life.

They both quit their jobs. They traveled. They explored. They lived.

They decided to come back and settle in Omaha and when they returned just a few months ago, they took a risk. They bought the local bar and decided to turn it into what they had always dreamed of – a place others would call “home,” a place they could see friends and family returning to night after night. Something that would, together, bring them the joy and happiness they had been longing for.

It was that simple. It was that easy.
A change.

It is so apparent that these two LOVE what they are doing and what they have created. The way they talk about the transformation, their plans for the future (wine nights, live music) and how this project, this new “job” has made their relationship so much stronger and their love so much deeper.

This is what it’s all about people. Follow your hearts. Follow your dreams. Do it already.

photo copyphoto copy 2

Thursday night was one we will never forget. We all shared stories we have not shared with others, opening our hearts and sharing some of our deepest secrets and beliefs. Our own paths of how we got to where we are today and those that held our hands and those that walked away.

Dave and David, you are two of the bravest we know. You are courageous, you are joy. You are life. Thank you for sharing all you did with us and we cannot wait to come back for more laughs and story telling.


Just as we thought the night was dying down, things were just picking up. Dave and David’s friends from the salon next door treated us to head and shoulder massages as we sat around the bar. Massages at the bar? I think we are on to something here. Thanks for the fun stories and laughs and we will be back for those hair cuts and massages soon!


Omaha, we love you.

2 thoughts on “Oh! Omaha!

  1. By the way, this statement is a lyric…can I use it?? 🙂

    “Thursday night was one we will never forget. We all shared stories we have not shared with others, opening our hearts and sharing some of our deepest secrets and beliefs. Our own paths of how we got to where we are today and those that held our hands and those that walked away.”

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