Wy, yes, Wyoming!

Sunday 10/13:

We woke up to three very important emails. As of Sunday night (10/12) we had no plans for the next day beyond heading to Mt. Rushmore. Emails were as follows:
1. Email from Jenny and Bill inviting us to stay with them in Montana (more on that in a bit).
2. Email from Cate’s friend Eileen telling her to email her friend Brian – he offered to host us on a dude ranch in Montana (more on that in a bitt, too).
3. Email from Cate’s mom telling us to (quote): “head west FAST“. There was a storm approaching and we needed to get moving. And, had we thought about spending a night in Wyoming on the way into Montana?

As she always is, Mama Sus was right. There was a storm coming and staying in Wyoming for the night was probably the best idea.

photo 1

We were off to Buffalo Wyoming to stay with Cate’s cousins before heading to Montana the following day.

Cate’s dad and his family spent many years living in different parts of Wyoming, Buffalo included. The last time she had been through the town was when her Aunt Connie passed over 10 years ago. She was excited to get back and see the town and to reconnect with family she had not seen in years.

Cate’s dad Jim made a few calls and before we knew it we were set up for a fun night!

We were lucky enough to spend the night with Cate’s cousin Sara and her husband Rick and their two amazingly awesome boys. The last time Cate had seen Sara and Rick was over 10 years ago. We had such a fun night playing with the big guys and catching up on years and years of stories and family jokes. And of course sharing a few dance moves. Who doesn’t love the Chicken dance?

photo 2

photo 3

Thank you so much for welcoming us into your cozy gorgeous home. We so so so wish we could have stayed longer (and wish the boys could have played hooky from school so we could all have a big fun filled snow day!). We cannot wait to see you all again, please come visit us wherever we end up. And, we will be back to visit you guys again soon!

We spent Monday morning with Cate’s grandmothers’ sister Ginnie. Years have passed since Cate had seen her and Cate was in awe of how much she looked like her Grandmother Helen. Oh and that skin. Grandma Helen always had the most delicate gorgeous skin, there was no doubt Helen and Ginnie were sisters – she had the same skin. And don’t even get us started on her amazing sense of humor. We love you Ginnie and loved spending time with you!


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