Can you take our picture to come stay with us in Montana!

Wednesday, October 16th:

To share our time in Missoula, we first have to take you back to Chicago. So, to refresh your memory:
….when we were in Chicago, Officer Hagarty drove us around for a tour and to his favorite lunch spot. When we got out of his car, we wanted to get a picture with Officer Hagarty. So, we look for some lovely folks on the street to take our photo. Eyeing those passing by, we spot two couples with cameras and look like they know what they are doing. “Hi, do you mind taking our photo?” 

Little did we know that we had hit the jackpot (and not just with an amazing photo taken)! We started to talk to Jenny and Bill and their two friends (Jenny’s brother and sister-in-law visiting from New Zealand) and discovered they were on their own mini road trip themselves. They had rented a car in New York and were traveling “cross country” back to their home in Montana. We quickly shared our story, passed off our business card to them and we left with Jenny and Bill inviting us to stay with them if we make our way to Montana.

We hadn’t heard from Bill and Jenny and assumed they were still on the road and the stars weren’t aligned for us to meet up with them again in Montana. Well, we were wrong.

From Sun Ranch we took the gorgeous drive up to Missoula to Bill and Jenny’s warm cozy cabin where they were hosting us for the night. Having only met them for a mere 5 minutes on the street, we didn’t know much about Bill and Jenny, but from that moment of meeting them on the street knew they were something special.

We spent the evening having drinks with Bill and Jenny’s son Nick, his wife Jill and their adorable son Nolan and back to the house for one of the best meals we have had on the trip. Montana steak, potatoes, salad and the works. Bill and Jenny it took everything we had not to stay another night (or two) for more of that steak. Mouthwatering!

Bill and Jenny have traveled a lot, with their two sons and also on their own. We so loved hearing their stories of travels and adventures and sharing ours with them. From that moment we met them in Chicago we felt connected to them. But, that night, it felt like we were home. At one of our parents house, mom and dad making us dinner. Listening and sharing, supporting us and loving us. The evening was one we will hold in our hearts for a long time, a very very special night for us.


The next day was spent exploring Missoula, thank you Jenny so much for the tour guide services! And, hanging out with cute little Nolan. Lunch was enjoyed at a Missoula institution – the Missoula Club for the BEST hamburgers and milkshakes I think we have ever ever ever had. Oh my lord what I wouldn’t give for one right now! The milkshake and the burger.


photo 1photo 2

As we said our farewells, we know it wasn’t “goodbye.” Bill and Jenny are family now. Simple as that. Family.

We love you Tabers!


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