Gorges, Speeding and Enchiladas!

Friday, 10/18:
A mutual friend of ours had suggested that we pop into Quincy Washington to see his mutual friends, Kent and Lisa and their boys. Oh, and their unbelievable apple farm.

The drive from Sandpoint to Quincy was pretty quick and uneventful, err, very eventful. Parts of the drive left much to the imagination and not much scenery while other parts were stunning. Driving through the gorges was unreal. Teetering on the edges, sharp curves and beautiful views.

photo copy       photo copy 3photo copy 2

Cut to Soap Lake, Washington. Cate turned to Michelle as they see an unmarked cop car making a left turn in front of them and said: “That is the first cop I have seen in days!”. Jinx.

Next thing we know, red and blue lights behind us. Oh lordy, we are being pulled over. Cate immediately pulled to the curb and said a little prayer.

Apparently this was a big deal in town, there were three cop cars that pulled us over. They found us!

We had a lovely conversation with Officer Dwane Hayden of the Soap Lake Police department, explained our situation. Where in the world did he come from, didn’t see him anywhere!

Thankfully, Officer Hayden agreed that 37 in a 30 wasn’t the crime of the century and let us go on our way with just a warning. THANK YOU SO MUCH Officer Hayden. A speeding ticket wasn’t in our budget for the day!

Must watch video:

We arrived in Quincy after the sun had set and was hard to see where we were or the beautiful orchards that surrounded us. Unfortunately, Lisa was on a plane coming back from a work trip, but lucky for us Kent was in charge of us girls for the night. After spending some time at their amazing house and meeting two of their three sons (and their sons friends), we were off for a Mexican feast in town with Kent, Kent’s dad and wife. The meal was unreal. Some of the best Mexican we have eaten and the chips and salsa just kept coming and coming. The company even better. So many laughs and funny jokes told throughout the night.

photo copy 4

Back at the house, it was time for a good night sleep. Having no idea what we were going to wake up to the next morning. Heaven…..

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