Leavenworth, Washington: Saturday, October 19th

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If you know anything about Cate, nothing makes her more excited than a good celebration, including Oktoberfest. Well, ok, maybe a few things. But the beer, the brats, the saurkraut and the oompa music rank highly on her list.

When we we started planning the trip we read about Leavenworth, Washington and the fact that this little town of less than 2,000 in October becomes one of the largest Oktoberfest celebrations outside of Munich. If we couldn’t make it to Munich, we might as well make it to Leavenworth.

From Quincy we drove a couple of hours to Leavenworth and pulled in just as the sun was going down. Leiderhosen, dirndles and steins for days. Everywhere you looked.

photo copy 5     IMG_7777



Leavenworth is a small village in the middle of Washington that is a Bavarian style village. Everywhere you look you feel like you are in Bavaria. From the restaurants to the signs to the shops and flowers to the towering mountains in the distance. It truly is a little slice of Germany.

Check out this amazing town:


photo        photo copy 2 IMG_7796        IMG_7794 IMG_7788 IMG_7784IMG_7780

Once in the Oktoberfest tents, we immediately headed for some beers and brats. Of course!

While in line for our beers we met Kristin and Tim and ended up spending the rest of the night with them and their amazing friends. The music was amazing, we sang and danced the night away while enjoying amazing German brews.

Here are some of the highlights from our amazing Oktoberfest experience….

photo copy 6

photo 1 photo copy        photo copy 3photo 3 photo 2photo

And of course, some videos:


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