Not So Sleepless in Seattle…

We arrived in Seattle on Sunday, October 20th and decided we were going to stay put for the week. Our amazingly awesome friend Wayne was kind enough to let us play house at his home for a week and we cannot thank you enough Wayne! Your home was so cozy and welcoming and we love love loved hanging with you! You made our first visit to Seattle one that we won’t forget. More Umi soon please?


We used the week to not only explore Seattle and it’s many neighborhoods, but to catch up on much needed sleep, writing, photo editing and general life updates. Here are the highlights from our week in Seattle. To name just a few….

One Afternoon in Costco: Michelle and I had never been to a Costco before. We had heard of this magical place of course and driven by plenty of times, but never once entered the gates to “we carry everything” heaven. Wayne took us on the day we arrived to stock up on food for the week. After eating our way through the entire store with free samples (more pumpkin pie please!), it took all we had not to buy the Ferrari on the way out.

Sushi, Lots of Sushi: Wayne has the same love for sushi as we do. We hadn’t had sushi since our time with Jason and Jules in Indiana and were CRAVING it more than a big ‘ole bubble bath. Lucky enough, Seattle is home to several amazing sushi spots. Our total was three sushi meals by the time we left. The first visit was to a cool conveyor belt sushi restaurant which is always fun and exciting (Michelle’s first time at a conveyor belt restaurant). Our favorite though was Umi. We are still to this day dreaming about that meal and crave it at least 4 times a day. The fish was beyond fresh and delicious and the restaurant dimly lit was oh so sexy. We even had the pleasure sitting next to Gregory. He was in Seattle on business from Cali and we had some huge big belly laughs.


Gum Wall: How can you not go to Seattle and visit the colorful (and bizarrely gross) gum wall. We decided to leave our mark and vow that we probably never needed to come back.

IMG_3265       IMG_2141 IMG_2138       IMG_2137  IMG_2132Pike Place Market: We made several different visits to this vibrant bustling little haven. There is always something to see, some live music to listen too and something to eat. God bless free samples. We had a blast talking to the various local vendors and talking to them about their business, produce and fish. And, guess what, Cate even caught a fish! Check out this video (good catch, no?):

IMG_1944 IMG_1936IMG_7852 IMG_7835IMG_7831 IMG_7818  IMG_7810     IMG_7800IMG_0590 IMG_0926



Here are some videos of life inside the market:

Cocktails at Lowell’s: Our dear friend Elena is in Seattle often for business and among the many places she suggested we go, one was Lowell’s in Pike Place Market. This is for sure a must. Cate had one of the most delicious bloody mary’s complete with an oyster. Not just an oyster, an enormous oyster! The clam chowder is not to be missed either. YUM! Also, ask for Katie when you are there, she rocks!

IMG_2175IMG_2171       IMG_2165 IMG_2157

A day in your neighborhood: We spent time driving around, bussing it and walking around various neighborhoods in Seattle. Wallingford was a cute little hippy town that Michelle really loved, West Seattle was a cute little town (series of neighborhoods) that snuck along Alki Beach and up streets lined with quant beautiful little homes and into small neighborhoody main streets filled with coffee shops, restaurants and local shops. We were in West Seattle on Tuesday and decided it was the perfect opportunity to pop into Mission for Taco Tuesday. Some of the best tacos we have had on the trip and had a great time chatting with Paul. As our friend Wayne lives in Redmond, we also took some time to explore and venture out in his hood. Just to name a few.



Photos from Alki Beach in West Seattle:

IMG_7897 IMG_7893 IMG_7888IMG_0628IMG_0630


And, can we talk about this crazy amazingly gorgeous sunset we saw while on our way home:


 IMG_7910 IMG_7905IMG_7903

We’re on a boat: We decided to take an afternoon trip over to Bainbridge Island, just across the water from downtown Seattle. Although overcast and cloudy, it was fun to watch Seattle disappear from sight, almost feeling like you are traveling to another state. Bainbridge is a very small artsy area with A LOT of bikers. Bicylcists, not motorcycles. The main street is scattered with the most beautiful restaurants, bars, and small shops. We really loved walking around, taking photos and popping in and out of the shops. Some of our favorites were the Churchmouse Yarns & Teas, a cute little card shop and stopping for coffee at Blackbird Bakery. Some of the best lattes paired with a homemade peanut butter cookie. Unfortunately we arrived on the island without having had lunch and learned quickly that many of the places close at 3. Lucky for us though we made our way to Doc’s Marina Grill, yummy! And, waterfront views.


IMG_2024IMG_2099 IMG_2018IMG_2082     IMG_2081

IMG_2098IMG_2043 IMG_2040


IMG_2117 IMG_2104

Starbucks: Of course. Do we even need to get into this one? Didn’t think so. We will mention though that we had our very first Starbucks drive through experience and it was life changing. Best. Thing. Ever.

IMG_2152       IMG_2145 IMG_2146

New friends and old friends, they are friends: We were lucky enough to meet some really cool folks in Seattle that we can now call friends. And, speaking of friends. How funny is this? Two girls walk into a bar. No, but really. We walked into a bar in Seattle to meet some other mutual friends for a drink and who is sitting at the table next to us? Our friend Craig. What?! How does that happen. Fun catching up with you!


Touchdown Washington: We spent our last night in Seattle at our first official college football game of the trip complete with a delicious and fun tailgate. The seats were amazing, the game was well, Washington won, and the cheers and company even better. It was homecoming weekend as well which was really fun to see all the alumni old and young come back to support the Huskies. As well, the game was dedicated to Don James a legendary Husky football coach who recently passed. Very touching tribute.Thank you so much Wayne!





Video of the Husky entrance:

As you can see it was a very productive, yet relaxing, and fun week in Seattle. Unfortunately the only thing missing from our week there was the sun. We officially did not see the sun once while we were there. That said, it didn’t rain once when we were there. Just cloudy, grey and overcast.

Seattle, thanks for a fun time. Wayne, we love you!



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