Crater Lake


November 1st:

While many of you had suggested we visit Crater Lake and we knew just from seeing photos we wanted to go, we really had no idea what to expect when we arrived.

It may be included in the top five places we have visited so far. Yes, actually it is.


The drive up to the lake was spectacular, the sun shining through the enormous trees. Our first impression (well, we won’t write what our first words were. hint: something along the lines of, holy…). It was huge. Vast. Enormous. Far and Wide.


Not just that, but the color of the lake was unlike anything we had seen. The deepest, brightest, vibrant blue that reflected the mountains and trees surrounding it. And so calm, although we were pretty high up looking down, it seemed as if the water was completely still, not a ripple in sight.



Because of the snow and winter weather quickly approaching, many of the trails and roads were already closed. We entered through the south (by Annie Springs), parked at the main visitors center and ventured off on a two hour hike. We could not have asked for a more beautiful day weather wise. We found ourselves stopping every few feet to just meditate and take in all the natural beauty around us.





IMG_0937 IMG_8209       photo copyIMG_0952

We look forward to coming back in the summer months when we can explore some more and take a boat ride out on the lake.

Crater Lake, a MUST!

2 thoughts on “Crater Lake

  1. Omg that first photo when you open your blog is amazing – poster worthy!

    Jane Salloway
    O – 617.662.2681
    BB – 617.314.3402

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