Happy Halloween!

October 31st:

Happy Halloween from Newport, Oregon!

We hadn’t had enough of the Oregon Coast and decided it was time to head back and check out more of the small fishing and beach towns. It was a rainy drive (unfortunately) from McMinnville to the coast as we drove through several towns including Lincoln City, Ottis and Depot Bay. Here are some rainy, yet beautiful shots.

IMG_8171 IMG_8169

The plan was to stop in Newport for lunch, to walk around and also check out the Oyster Farm. Yes, Oyster Farm.


A bit overcast and rainy, sadly we had to leave our bathing suits in the car but still got a nice little beach walk in on Nye Beach with these guys:


IMG_8126photo 1

We had lunch at the The Chowder Bowl at Nye Beach, which was hands down one of the best chowders we have ever had. I know we have already said that before, but this beats all others. In fact, it was featured on the Today Show two years ago and is continuously ranked as one of the best on the West Coast from several magazines and papers. Also, being Halloween, we got to trick-or-treat out of the restaurant with several pieces of candy.

We were off further down the Yaquina Bay to the Oregon Oyster Farms Cate had read about. We weren’t sure what we were going to see or get ourselves into, but we are so glad we went.


We spent some time with Estela, who has been working there for many many years learning all the in’s and out’s of oyster farming, the oysters they harvest and the area. Estela was incredibly knowledgeable and so passionate about the oysters they farm and harvest and excited to share with us the different varieties.


A few cool things we learned:

– The Yaquina Bay oyster biz dates back to 1850’s when a ship washed up on shore. The fisherman noticed the abundance of oysters and other fish in the bay and decided to stay and get to work.

– See these small little, what look like holes, on this oyster shell. Those are actually baby oysters that are growing on their mama. They will throw these shells back into the bay and harvest these babies as oysters you will soon eat.

IMG_2719– They do not serve or sell oysters from Yaquina Bay in June and July as they aren’t edible and would make you sick. They work with other oyster harvesters to serve and sell oysters from different parts of Oregon.

– Mother oysters can grow enormous. Check out this mama, we put the pen next to the shell so you can see how large they really are.


– Thousands and thousands of oysters are caught every day and will be sold or shipped within just a few days of being caught.


– We still love oysters as much, if not more, after learning all about harvesting, farming – and of course sampling these beauties right out of the bay. We got to sample the Pacific,  Kumomoto and Natives.

IMG_2741IMG_2752 IMG_2748While most people dress up in costumes and go trick or treating on Halloween, we sample oysters and learn about harvesting. Simple as that.


After our time with Estela, we drove through the fish district of Newport, over their gorgeous bridge and made our way to our “home” for the night – Grant’s Pass, Oregon.

Some photos from Newport:

IMG_8158        IMG_8157      IMG_8155 IMG_8154IMG_8150IMG_8146

One thought on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Wow what a place to be for you Cate! Can’t believe you don’t want to move there!

    Jane Salloway
    O – 617.662.2681
    BB – 617.314.3402

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