Oregon Wine

Wednesday, 10/30:

There was no way we were going to come to Oregon and NOT visit some of the many many vineyards. Especially given that some of our favorite wines are from Oregon including their Pinot Noir’s.
The plan was to spend Wednesday driving through various vineyards, tasting some wine and then meeting our friend Ben in McMinnville for the night. Remember Ben? Our new friend we met in Rapid City, fellow NYer driving cross country as well? He had already made it to the west coast and was on his way through Oregon and up into Washington on his way to Vancouver. Once again, timing and luck were on our side and we were going to be passing through the same area on the same day so we decided to meet up for a night.
Back to the wine…we could have spent just three months in Oregon wine country alone. My oh my, vineyard after vineyard. Our best friend Steve sent a long list of places to visit, first on his list and our first visit was to Rex Hill. We sampled some delicious reds and were also thrilled to see that they are one of the suppliers of the A to Z wines. One of our personal favorites!

August Cellars, Ponzi, Erath, De Ponte Cellars to just name a few of our many stops and off roadng adventures. Erath is a wine that Cate’s dad introduced us too and one that we enjoyed a lot back in NYC and whenever we were at Cate’s parents house in Maryland. Holds a special place in our hearts.





De Ponte was a small vineyard, only supplying their wine to Oregon restaurants and retailers. We were really impressed with their Pinot Noir and hope to be back in Oregon to purchase some to take back east. Part of the experience was also meeting Aaron and talking to him about their wines, about our trip and also his travel journeys. Thank you Aaron for taking the time to talk with us and sharing your stories with us.

IMG_2632IMG_2635 IMG_2641


It was very surreal and fun to be at the vineyards of some of our favorite wines we enjoy back on the east coast. Are we really here, Clark? Here are some of our favorite photos from Oregon Wine Country:
IMG_8060IMG_8067 IMG_8064 IMG_8061
McMinnville is a small little town with big character. Rolling hills and mountains in the distance, the main part of town has an old town vibe mixed with modern wineries restaurants and shops. We met Ben at the Hotel Oregon rooftop bar for some drinks and snacks and serious catch up time. All craving something “different” for dinner, thai food it was. And, well, yah, followed by ice cream.
Hotel Oregon is one of the McMenamin properties (see previous post about Portland). The hotel was very charming and quant and the rooms are named after the cast of characters that influenced this hotel. Apparently the 50’s were a very “musical” time for the hotel, so the rooms and hallways are covered in concert photos and posters. What was outside our room? This poster of a G. Love and Tristan Prettyman concert. Two of our favorite artists. Fate?
We had a blast spending the night with Ben catching up on his travels and sharing ours with him. What was really cool is that he was heading up the route we had just come from and we were heading down the route he had just come from. We swapped hidden gems we found, restaurants we loved and things to do and see. Roads to travel on. We were off our separate ways the next morning, but hoping we will catch Ben at least once again on our trip.
Back to the coast we go!

One thought on “Oregon Wine

  1. Wow those vineyard pics look like you could be in Italy or france! Beautiful!

    Jane Salloway
    O – 617.662.2681
    BB – 617.314.3402

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