Casa de Banditos….

LA continued…

You know there are some people you meet and when you meet them, instantaneously you know they are going to have an impact on your life. But, you don’t know why or how or when? For us, those are our friends Dave and Brad.

A snippet of history. We met Dave and Brad about four years ago. Michelle had met them at a Dave Matthews concert (both Dave and Brad were working for the band at the time). They were in town (NYC) and were all going to be going out with some friends and had invited Michelle and I for some drinks. I (Cate) had no idea what we were getting into or who these people were. Little did we know that night was the beginning of a friendship that would evolve over the years. Dave and Brad are those friends you can see every now and then and it’s like no time has passed. You can catch up right where you left off. While we have hung out with them many many times over the last four years, we have never really had “down” time with them to really hang, REALLY chat, see what life was like off the road and to really have some enormously big laughs together.

Dave and Brad were heading out of town for a friends birthday but graciously let us crash at their house (aka the Casa de Banditos) for a few days while they were gone. We used this time to catch up on some much needed sleep, soaked up the rays from their lime tree lined yard and to make some home cooked meals. Oh, and they believe in decorative gourd season too. Heaven!


Cate shared one of her LA favorites with Michelle – Joan’s on Third; which now Michelle is a believer in as well.


Brad and Dave’s location is perfect. You can walk to anything and everything. Including, the farmers market. Note to self: must live near farmers market in next location. While at the farmers market we decided we wanted to not only cook dinner, but bake cupcakes. And, while we were at it, let’s buy these gorgeous tea roses and put them around the house. Guys, totally love that right? (ehem, DD your secret is out, we know you love flowers…)

Saturday night started as a quiet night in. Cate was thrilled to be cooking fresh fish from the market, the wine was flowing and great tunes were echoing throughout the house.

photo 2

A pretty spectacular dance party followed dinner, along with a sing along session to all the worst tunes possible. Then came the cupcake making; a few glasses of wine in. The recipe called for melted butter. Great. But, wait…there is no microwave? So, being resourceful and creative, we had a genius idea to melt the butter. Check out the video:

A Sunday for the Record Books

Back from their birthday fiestas (note the spanish there boys), it was time to plan and prepare our Sunday Funday feast. Brad, a brilliant chef, decided the theme for the night would be “trashy but tasty” (or something along those lines). Cate was enlisted to help Brad at the grocery store while Michelle was in charge of being Dave’s picture hanger helper. Both challenges accepted.

photo 3

Where do we even begin with you two? The meal was one of the best we have had on this trip. Not just because the menu was spectacular, the food tasty and perfectly garnished, but because of you two individuals.


You not only opened your house to us, but you really opened your home to us. You allowed us to be us. You allowed us to share stories of our trip, you listened as we shared some big life challenges and fears and joys. You listened with open ears and open hearts. You shared your stories. You fed us until we couldn’t breathe. We danced, we stretched, we played hangman, we dressed up as banditos. We FaceTimed from room to room. We opened wine bottles that would set records, we sang Frank Sinatra. We shared a night that left a lasting impression on our hearts.

IMG_1206        IMG_1209    IMG_1205         IMG_1202IMG_1215IMG_1214IMG_1239       IMG_3405


We are so honored and lucky to be able to have spent this time with you and know that we treasure you two so deeply. Our abs were sore from the laughter, our bellies were so full we could barely button our pants, and our hearts were bursting at the seams.

And our eyes. Our eyes were filled with tears as we had to say goodbye. But, just for now.

There aren’t words we can find to express our gratitude to you two amazing banditos. We are very very lucky to have you in our lives and call you our friends.

Simply put, THANK YOU. We love you.



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