Sweet San Fran…

November 5th and 6th:

We spent two days in the lovely, one and only, San Francisco. This was Michelle’s first time visiting the Bay area and Cate’s first time back in about 15 years. For Cate, it felt like the city had grown exponentially in people, things and space. Could it be that I am more aware of “life” now that I was back then? Possible.

We spent our days exploring the different neighborhoods, visiting markets, praying that Stella made it up the various gargantuan hills, listening to the sea lions roar on the bay, hoping we didn’t end up in Alcatraz and gazing at the various views of the Golden Gate bridge. And, of course, singing the Full House theme song at Alamo Square (whatever happened to predictability? The milkman, the paperboy, the evening TV…)

Thank you so much to Paul and Catharine for welcoming us into your absolutely gorgeous history filled home. Catharine and Cate’s aunt, Amy, are best friends from way back in the day. Although Cate seemed to have forgotten (until she got back into the house), she was at Catharine and Paul’s house for her aunt Amy’s wedding. She walked in and saw the staircase and exclaimed “wait, I have been here. I have my picture at that staircase!” It was much fun to catch up with Catharine and Paul after all these years and share story after story. Thank you again!

Here are some highlights from our San Fran adventure:

IMG_8333 IMG_8332 IMG_8328















IMG_3195            IMG_3194










IMG_3262IMG_8335IMG_3263 IMG_3236IMG_8391

IMG_3220IMG_3234IMG_3222 IMG_3215IMG_3207


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