With Gratitude, With Love

Dear Friends and Family,

We hope you are cozy with your friends and family, wherever in this world you may be today. We hope you are surrounded by love, by joy and laughter.

There is so much to be thankful for this year. We want to take this moment to thank YOU, every single one of you. For your support, your blessings, your encouragement, your ideas, your messages, you opening your homes and hearts, your love.

We would not be where we are today on this journey without you and for that we are profoundly and deeply grateful.

I know we have been a bit out of touch and we promise to get you updated on our last two weeks through Arizona and New Mexico. We are spending this holiday with friends, new and old, here in Austin, Texas.

With so much to be thankful for this year, we made the decision to spend our Thanksgiving giving back to Austin. This morning we volunteered with Operation Turkey to prepare over 8,000 meals for the less fortunate here in Austin. 2,000 alone in just the location we were working at. The better part of our morning was spent driving through Austin delivering freshly prepared Thanksgiving meals to those that would otherwise go without.

As we drove through the streets, we met a brave man with so much positivity and light whose optimism was infectious. He introduced us to his dog Sister Soldier who guides him every day. We met a man who just wanted something to drink today; a water, a juice, a soda. We met a man who after we offered him a meal said to us “I already received one today. God bless you,” and encouraged us to give it to the next man in need. We met a mother who just wanted to provide something to her three kids.

It was not just placing these meals in their hands. It was seeing the thousands of volunteers that gathered together to make it all happen. The seven year old girl helping her dad hand out dog food to the volunteers going on delivery runs. It was the man volunteering his time and directing traffic for us to pick up our prepared meals for delivery. It was the countless volunteers we passed and waved to on the streets, who as well were making sure everyone felt a little more special today. A little more loved.

It was a community. It was a family. It was Thanksgiving.

We send you love and joy and peace and hugs on this day and every day.

Cate and Michelle


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