SoCal Continued…

Before we get started on the second part of our SoCal adventures, we have to disclose that California really stole our hearts. Really really stole our hearts. But, I digress….

San Clemente (Fri. 11/15-Mon. 11/18):

Cate’s oldest and best childhood friend, Jessie, has been living in San Clemente for about six years with her husband Matt. (Matt and Jessie and Cate all grew up together in Potomac. Jessie and Cate lived across the street from each other, went to school together, etc. Matt was a pool-rat with us every summer and then in high school Jessie and Matt started dating and have been together ever since). 

Although Cate had seen Jessie and Matt on several trips to Cali over the years, it was her first time seeing their awesome cozy house. We walked in and within 2 minutes Jessie said to Cate, “We have a present for you.” Cate looking around the room, clearly confused, looks back at Jessie as she grabs Cate’s hand and does this:

photo 1 copy 2

A BABY!! Congrats Matt and Jess. Cannot wait to meet that sweet little burrito in your belly.

photo 1 copy

Our time in San Clemente was very relaxing and it was so nice to have a base for a few days that allowed us to take some day trips to the surrounding neighborhoods. Jessie and Matt spoiled us rotten as did their friend Wendy who was visiting. Wendy, you fed us all so graciously and simply. Can you come cook for us wherever we move? We are still craving those cookies and those tatter skins! Jessie and Matt, thank you for making us feel so at home. And, of course, for all the loads of laundry! And the laughs, oh the laughs….photo 3 copy

How about these flowers from the cutest little flower stand we found in San Clemente?

photo 2

Saturday was spent in Laguna Beach exploring and meeting our new friend Hill. About a month ago, Hill “liked” one of our photos on Instagram and had reached out to us about our trip. He sent us a kind note explaining what an inspiration we were and if we ever made it to Laguna to let him know, he would love to give us a tour. We kept in touch with Hill throughout our trip and were looking forward to meeting him and getting the insiders guide to Laguna Beach.

photo copy 4IMG_8613     IMG_8609IMG_8608

Hill, you really need to think about going into tour guide services!  We had such a blast with you, seeing the beaches, the views, learning about the town and also your journey to Laguna from Texas via the south. We so look forward to coming back to Laguna and seeing you again very soon. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

photo copy 8

We were meeting Cate’s college friend Katie and her husband for drinks Saturday night, and, after many location and time changes, we finally agreed on The Deck in Laguna. We arrived before Katie and Andrew, so we sat at the bar for a drink and to enjoy the sunset. As our good luck would have it, we ended up sitting across from Nick, Doug and Karen. Doug and Karen had just relocated from Arizona for work and Nick lives in LA, though frequents Laguna often. We instantaneously connected with these three and had such a blast talking life, California and more life. Thank you so much for sharing your stories with us and for continuing to follow our journey. We hope to see you again soon!



Drinks turned into dinner and we found ourselves sitting outside on the deck – of THE Deck – with Katie and Andrew for hours and hours. So much to catch up on, many laughs to be had and future plans were being shared. Katie and Andrew, where do we even begin with you two crazy rabbits? Your laughter and energy are infectious. We left dinner wanting more more more and more time with you two. And, nice work on the Vegas sales pitch….

photo copy 10photo 2 copy We love you two muchisimo!

Sunday was football day of course. But, not before a little treat to ourselves. Two months of slugging bags, in and out of cars, shlepping in Stella, our backs have been really feeling it. We decided that after two months, it was time to treat ourselves to a massage. Dreamy!

photo 1

Jessie and Matt invited us to a football party at their friend Mike and Denise’s house with all their friends. Taco bar night, absolutely kick arse house, fun people, how better to close out our amazing week in California. Jessie and Matt, you are surrounded by an incredible group of friends. We so loved meeting your crew and learning more about who you hang out with when we are not around. And what a crew it is. We hope to find the same close knit fun group wherever we end up. Thank you for sharing them with us for the time being. P.s. Denise and Mike, we LOVE your house!!!

photo copy

photo copy 7photo copy 2    photo 3photo copy 3

Sunday night was our last sleep in California for some time. It is hard to explain how deeply we fell for you Cali, how grateful we are for you taking us in and letting us be Cali girls for a week. As we said, we fell so deeply in love with you and you have our hearts. Still.

photo copy 6

Oh, and did you really think we were going to leave Cali without doing this?!?!

photo copy 5

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