Viva Las Vegas…

If we had a dollar for every person that suggested, encouraged, bribed, begged and pleaded that we go to Vegas on this trip; we’d be on a flight to Tahiti right now. For some reason, Vegas had never interested or intrigued us. When we started planning our trip, it wasn’t even in the cards. For several reasons. 1. We didn’t think we could afford it on the budget we were on and 2. We just had no interest in spending time there when we could be exploring other cities.

Cut to Sunday night (11/17). It got to the point where we had to sit down and have the “official” conversation of what is next; where are we going tomorrow? Maps askew in front of us, lists and thoughts scattered, we were analyzing different routes and ways to make it to the Grand Canyon. Everything seemed to point to us going through Vegas. Cate turned to Michelle and said “ok, fine we will have to drive through it. We can take some pictures and then be on our way.”

And then it happened. Jessie and Matt said it just like everyone else we have talked to – “you two are crazy NOT to go to Vegas. Just got for one night. Do it.”

We turned to each other, did a quick internet hotel search and there it was.

We were going to Vegas for a night. We were really really doing this.

We left California Monday morning and prepared ourselves for the pretty uneventful drive to Vegas, arriving mid afternoon. We decided that this would be a little bit of a “splurge” night for us, a treat. We found an amazingly cheap rate at Mandalay Bay hotel and we were set.

We played all our “Vegas” favorites driving into Nevada and approaching the strip. “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah” from the Hangover, “Waking up in Vegas” in honor of Katy Perry, some Frank Sinatra and Elvis thrown in. Is this really happening? It’s happening. We are in Nevada.

photo copy 23 The hotel was gorgeous, enormous, and luxurious. Our room had a great view of the strip and enough room for a in room dance party before going out.

photo copy 22photo copy 6

photo 3          photo

View from our room, waking up in Vegas…

photo 1

We spent the afternoon at the pool, well, in the hot tub soaking it all in and meeting some really cool new friends. Apparently the Vegas Rock and Roll marathon was the evening before and everyone around us seemed to be recouping from the run. Loved meeting you two inspiring mama’s!

photo copy 21photo copy 20

Simply put: WE LOVED VEGAS.

It was a little quiet being off season and a Monday night, but, the energy was still there and it was infectious and alluring. We had dinner at one of those crazy buffets (can we really drink all this wine and eat all this food and not pay you more money?), we walked and walked and walked, played some slots (ok, lots of slots), saw a great band, popped in and out of casino after casino, enjoyed the holiday decorations and displays at Caesars, Borgata and the Venician, met Elvis, danced in the streets and searched high and low for Barry Manilow. No success.

photo copy 17photo copy 16photo copy 15                         photo copy 10  photo copy 13

photo copy 11photo copy 8

photo copy 14photo copy 5

As we were approaching the Borgata to check out the water show, we couldn’t believe our ears. Is that, Pat Mcgee? As in THE Pat McGee Band singing over the loud speakers in Vegas. Why, yes, yes, it was. As you may remember, Michelle and I met 11 years ago thanks to PMB (and our friend Steve!). Had to send him this video….

photo copy 12

We spent the next day walking around, taking in “day Vegas,” checking out the famous welcome sign, and of course, no trip to Vegas is complete without stopping by the little white chapel(s). We were amazed how many people were there, not to take a picture like us, but to actually get married. I think we counted 5 separate couples in the 10 minutes we were there. One even went through the drive thru line!

photo 1 copy

photo copy 4      photo 4 copy photo 3 copy 2                 photo 2 copy

photo 3 copyphoto copy 2        photo 4photo copy 3       photo 1 copy 2photo

As we were just about to leave Mandalay Bay, Cate turned to Michelle and said “let’s just play one more slot game. Just one more before we go.” And what do you know, Michelle wins $42.40 on the penny slots. A tank of gas? We will take it! Oh, and if you were curious, yes, Cate won a whopping .20 cents and .15 cents. Golly gee.

photo copy 7

Vegas, you were very very cool. We are sorry we doubted you and know that we will be back to see you again soon. And to all our friends and family……you were right.

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