Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas: Monday 11/25 to Saturday 11/30

We were lucky enough to spend a week in the great, vibrant and colorful Austin, Texas. Cate’s good family friend Katie and her husband, Tyson agreed to “adopt” us for the week. Katie is Jessie’s sister (who Cate grew up with, Jessie is who we stayed with in San Clemente, CA.). Katie and Tyson, and their two amazing pups – Ernie and Hazel – live in South Austin in a cozy gorgeous home. We are still dreaming about your amazing shower Katie and Tyson! Rocks as the shower floor, genius! Also, Cate fell in love with Ernie.

IMG_4579      IMG_4488

We spent the week exploring the different pockets of this amazing city, shopping (browsing, not buying!), enjoying live music and eating our way through Austin. We could have stayed forever, was really hard to leave. It’s funny, so many of our friends and family over the years have told us to visit Austin, that it was “our kind of city.” I have no idea what took us so long!

Katie and Tyson shared all their favorite restaurants with us, some of the best tacos we have had to date, their favorite shops and favorite little haunts. We cannot thank you enough for your amazing tour guide “services.”


As you may have read in our previous post, we spent Thanksgiving giving back to those less fortunate in Austin. It was such an incredible experience and one of the highlights and most meaningful days of our trip.

One of the highlights of our time in Austin was on Wednesday, the night before Thanksgiving. We were walking around downtown looking for a cool bar to pop in for a drink and to get a quick bite to eat. We parked our car on 6th Street and as Michelle was getting her purse out of the car, Cate, talking to herself (as she does often) was complementing herself on her amazing parallel parking job. Just at that moment, Jenna walked by, pumpkin cheesecake in hand and said “that is indeed a great parking job.” We started to talk to Jenna on the street, asking her for a suggestion of where to go. Jenna was walking from the bakery back to her illegally parked car on route to San Antonio home for Thanksgiving with her family. As we were walking down the street, chatting away, she said “what the heck, I’m coming to join you!” We spent the next almost two hours hanging out with Jenna sharing our stories, hearing about her experience at UT and then staying in Austin working and living here. What it is like to live here, the night she met Ashton Kutcher at a local bar, her favorite local haunts, and on and on. It was as if we had known Jenna our whole lives, we instantly clicked and were making the same jokes and sharing parallel life stories.


We so wish we could have spent more time with you Jenna and look forward to coming back to Austin for more fun times again soon!

Our last night in Austin was spent seeing some live music, eating some amazing thai food from a food truck and hitting some of the local bars in town. Katie and Tyson’s friend, Payton, joined us for the evening. So great to meet you and share some laughs with you Payton!



Oh yeah, and someone brought their goat to the bar. Yes, their goat.


Here are some of our favorite moments and photos.


IMG_1202 IMG_8728IMG_8727IMG_4602IMG_4603IMG_4605IMG_4681

Whole Foods Headquarters:


Shopping on South Congress Street:

           IMG_4560 IMG_4554      IMG_4535 IMG_4546      IMG_4545 IMG_4544     IMG_4543

IMG_4542 IMG_4538     IMG_4529

Hook ’em horns!


Also, if you find yourself in Austin, you MUST got to Rudy’s BBQ. The best. Hands down. The best.

photophoto copy

We took this photo by accident, but kind of turned out cool. Downtown Austin at night. Kind of resembles a subway map, no?IMG_1208

Austin, we love you!

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