From Vegas to Sedona, by way of the Dam and Grand Canyon…

Tuesday 11/19: The drive from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon was pretty uneventful; not too much to see and a lot of nothing passing us by. We are somewhat missing the unknown and colorful drives of the midwest. Not knowing what animal we would see around the corner, when the next tumbleweed would hit our car, not knowing what plants and flowers and bushes lie ahead. This seems to be the feeling for the entire route from Las Vegas to Texas.

We did take the chance to stop at the Hoover Dam. It was packed; it was as if the memo went out this morning that everyone – including their mothers, grandmothers and 4th cousins should head to the dam – fast. There was no parking and the areas that there were parking would cost us all our earnings from last night in Vegas. So, we did a mini drive through tour in our car. The next best thing, right? Cate would drive really slow, all the cars behind her honking, Michelle would quickly jump out, run over to take a photo, and then she would have to run past the 20 cars trailing Cate to catch up and jump back in the car. Success.

It was getting late, the sun was going to sleep and we decided to spend the night in Flagstaff on Tuesday night (11/19).
photo copy 10
The plan was to conquer the Grand Canyon bright and early the next day. Little did we know that the weather was not on our side (Nor would it be for the next week. But, I digress).
The 2 hour drive from Flagstaff to Grand Canyon was beautiful, lots of animals, large trees leading into forests of the unknown. With that said, it was a bit hard to see depth as it was extremely foggy and grey – and snowy. Yes, snowy.
We are big believers in NOT playing Christmas music too early in the season. Jingle Bells on Halloween, no no no. But, given the snow, the temperature outside, this song felt very appropriate. Check out this video:
As we entered the Grand Canyon, the woman at the entrance told us to head to the south rim FAST. The fog was going to be lifting momentarily and we would be getting a great view. So, fast we went. Parked Stella, jumped out, and this was what we saw.
photo copy 8
She is back there somewhere, we promise. No this isn’t a picture we took at some McDonald’s parking lot pretending it was the Grand Canyon. Swear.
photo copy 7photo 1 copy 3photo copy 5photo copy 4 photo copy 3
A bit disappointed and frustrated with Good Ole’ Mother Nature, we walked around for a bit and then decided to head into one of the cute hotels for some lunch. We sat at the window and watched as the fog would tease us and lift ever so slightly revealing just a sliver of the Canyon.
Our intention was to do some hiking/walking around, but given the conditions all the paths were closed for the day. Just as we were finishing lunch we headed back over to the edge and it happened. The fog cleared and there she was. But just for about 15 minutes and then she disappeared again. We couldn’t believe how big the Canyon was, how deep and how vast. We so look forward to coming back again to really explore, really take it all in and do some hiking and exploring.
photo 3 copy 2photo 2 copy 2IMG_1460IMG_1463IMG_1467IMG_1466
As we were leaving, we were talking to a Park Ranger who told us that this whole fog situation only happens about once a decade and lasts on and off for about a week. Well, at least we got to see a little piece of history, right?
From the Grand Canyon we drove to Michelle’s family friends home in Clarkdale, AZ – which is right outside of Sedona. We had a lovely night with them; checking out the new restaurant downtown – Bocce. It was warm enough to sit outside around the fire with delicious food and a glass of wine. Post dinner, Sharon and Jerry gave us a little walking tour of Clarkdale including the history of the town. Such a cute little place!
IMG_1476IMG_1475IMG_1478photo 2
Unfortunately, Wednesday (11/20) was cold, rainy, icy and dreary. We spent part of the day catching up on writing and photos and personal business. Our exploration of Sedona and walking around and hiking was once again, unsuccessful. The rain and cold wintery mix prohibited us from getting really far and everything was crazy slippery. We did spend some time exploring the town and gazing at the stunning views through the grey clouds and rain. Sedona is for sure going on the “let’s go back” list. What a great little area.
IMG_8714 IMG_8709IMG_8707IMG_8704

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