Houston, We Have No Problems…

Saturday, 11/30 : From Austin we were off to Houston to spend the night with Cate’s friend Jess.

Jess and Cate met while working together in New York. For as long as she can remember, she would always say to Jess “you have to meet my friend Michelle, you are soul sisters,” and she would say to Michelle “you have to meet my friend Jess, you are soul sisters.”

It took years, Jess moving to Houston this past spring, and us driving to Texas for them to finally meet and realize, that indeed they are soul sisters.

What a fun girls night we had. The night began at Jess’ apartment with some wine, music playing and getting ready just like the good ‘ole days back in NYC. And, Cate and Michelle got to “shop” in Jess’ closet for fun outfits for our night out. Yes!

We had an amazing amazing dinner at Coppa, a cute little Italian restaurant. The food was unbelievable, we made some friends at the table next to us and we loved our waiter Tom. Thank you for all your amazing suggestions.


Girls night continued at the local watering hole, playing pool and dancing. Of course!


We spent most of Sunday “brunching” at Eatsie Boys Cafe and talking life, new jobs, new homes, past New York experiences and just laughing like only the three of us could together.


Jess, we adore you. It was a night for the record books and we cannot wait to come back and do it all again soon. Thank you for your incredible hospitality, the delicious food, the laughs, the story telling and of course the cute shirts for our night out. WE LOVE YOU!!!


Also, can I tell you how much I (Cate) just adore this moment of two my most favorite people….


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