Tuesday 12/10-Thursday 12/12:

We met Becca about 10 years ago, at, you guessed it, a Pat McGee concert. We would see her at almost every concert, catch up on life and share another great night of music.

We made this video of one of our favorite PMB songs. Rebecca, on our way to see our girl:

Becca had a killer internship in NYC several years ago and spent a few months living with Cate (that could be a whole different blog post!).

Becca is one of the most talented photographers we know and we have been keeping an eye on her work from the internet. She has taken Nashville by storm and basically has become IT’S photographer, capturing numerous events, musicians and artists (famous and up and coming). Ever heard of Miranda Lambert? Yah we thought so. She is her tour photographer. No big deal.

Becca has been begging us to come to Nashville for several years. The timing never right, we cannot believe our cards finally aligned and we are ACTUALLY here. This is happening.

Becca lives right in the heart of it all, cutest little apartment right on Broadway within walking distance of anything and everything you need.

We had so much fun meeting all her friends (whom we felt like we already knew through her website and social media sites). Here it is, plain and simple: Becca is Miss Nashville. She knows everyone. Everyone. Everywhere we went people were rushing up to her to talk to her and catch up. Everyone. Girl, you are doing something right!


photo 1

photo 3


Thank you for showing us an amazing time in Nashville and treating us to some amazing live music as well.

Check out these videos:

Also, Adley Stump from The Voice showed up and sang a little diddy:

We love you girl!!


Also, how cute are her amazing little puggies, Clementine and Winston!

photo 1-1       photo 2-1photo-1IMG_1952IMG_1964

Also, we loved this sign:

photo 2

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