Happy Friday

It’s very bittersweet to know this is our last Friday blog post.

Tomorrow marks the end of our incredible three month journey. We aren’t ready to come to terms with the reality of it all just yet, so, let us live in denial one more day.

As you know we decided at the very last minute last week to drive from Nashville to Miami. The plan was to spend 4 days there and then keep on moving. Well, 4 days turned into 5 into 6…..we stayed a week. It was absolutely beautiful weather, relaxing, calm and just what we were looking for.

The days were spent at the pool, nights were spent cooking (Cate was so happy to be back in the kitchen cooking creative meals) and a few nights were spent out on the town listening to live music and dancing the night away.

Lucky for us too, we were fortunate enough to stay at Cate’s moms apartment in Miami. We had a few nights on our own and she was back in town Monday. It’s been three months since Cate had seen her mom. We had two nights together laughing, catching up, telling stories and making cookies. Nothing like mama time.

Why leave paradise if you don’t have to?

Well, we finally had to leave yesterday…

We got into Charleston last night and had a fabulous girls night out in Avondale. Thank you Kristen! More on that later.

We are looking forward to walking around and exploring Charleston today, and spending our last night “on the road” tonight in Charleston.

More updates later.


Here are some of our favorite shots from Miami:











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