Hello and Thank You, Farmer City!

To all our new friends in Farmer City,

We have been humbled and amazed at the outpour of emails and messages over the last few days. What started as Cate’s curiosity of the wedding dress in the window at the Farmer City Genealogical and Historical Society in October has reached you. So many of you! You have sent us countless beautiful messages. Some of you knew Keith and Jessie personally, some of you are family members, some of you are local community members, some of you are part of the church their family belongs to, some of you have no connection to Keith and Jessie but have deep roots in Farmer City, Illinois. You have expressed interested in the history of the wedding dress and this remarkable couple – Keith and Jessie. You have told us your stories and we are in awe with all you have shared with us.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
We are sifting through and reading every word you have written us. You have lit a fire in our bellies and a spark in our hearts. We will be reaching out to every one of you in the coming week, stay tuned!
For those of you curious what this post is all about….
Back in October, Cate wrote a piece on the wedding dress she had photographed in a window as we passed through Farmer City, Illinois. She didn’t know the photo existed until a few weeks later when she was editing her photos. Curiosity got the Cat, err, Cate. I spent hours researching and trying to learn more about Keith and Jessie and their love for each other. You can read the full blog post here:
Just this week, by luck, Elizabeth Foulks of the Farmer City Genealogical and Historical Society came across our blog and was moved and interested by what she read. She shared our blog, our Facebook page, our stories with those in Farmer City and thus begun an outpour of emails and messages. You can read some of them following the original blog post (if you scroll down).
If you have any interest in reaching out to us about Farmer City, your experience, or if you knew Keith and Jessie – please send us an email, we look forward to reading your messages. You can reach us at: twofarfromnormal@gmail.com.
We will be in touch again soon!

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