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10 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Wednesday Night 10-02-2013
    Michelle, pm us with info on which route you’ll be on the next couple of days so we can send you suggestions. Thanks, Judy

  2. Hello Ladies, it was nice talking and meeting you today. While looking at your page I see your no strangers to Police contacts. (Chicago) Stopping you today in Soap Lake Washington going 40mph in a 30mph zone wasn’t the crime of the century….but If your going to travel the country slow down and see more of the sights…I wanted to talk to you guys more about your travels however I understood the urgency.
    Be Safe on your travels and watch those road signs.
    Officer Dwane Hayden / Soap Lake Police

    • Dwane, it was a pleasure meeting you! Thank you for being so kind, I am sorry again for speeding. I will never let it happen again! 🙂
      Good news, we made it to our “destination” in time. Urgency and all!
      Hope our paths will cross again (just not on the side of the road!). Thanks for following our journey.
      Be well!
      Cate and Michelle

  3. So fun meeting you ladies at The Deck last night in Laguna!! Best wishes, safe travels and keep on having a blast!! -Wannamakers and Vartanians from NC

    • Cameron, we loved meeting all of you as well. What a small world it is, isn’t it! Hope you enjoyed the rest of your time in Laguna and got back safe and sound. Have a very very happy Thanksgiving. xo, Cate and Michelle. Ps. Thanks for following us!

  4. I have lived in Geyserville for 20 years and can’t seem to place where you said you were?
    Throw back to a gentler time, yes..Bosworths Merchantile maybe,
    But rasta, hippy stuff?
    P.S. your journey sounds great…

    • Oh dear Deborah, thank you so much for catching our error! We read our notes incorrectly, we were actually writing about Garberville! We loved Geyersville as we drove through and hope to come back! Thank you for keeping us on track. Thanks for following our journeys and happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Best, C & M

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